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Plantar Fasciitis - My Own Story From Cause to Treatment

September 11, 2019


Fast forward again. Some new Chiropractors have extended training and VitaMove Back Pain Relief a new philosophy. I learned that this type of care focuses on the nervous system rather than the back or spine. The nervous system controls the function of every cell, organ and system in the body, and "communicates" with those systems. If it is not communicating properly, then the muscles, organs and tissues begin to malfunction. This allows sickness and disease to develop. With fibromyalgia, the body is miscommunicating. So it sends an abnormal amount of pain signals to the brain.Restoring function to the control center of the body, the brain stem, which is located in the atlas and axis or the first and second cervical vertebrae, sends healing messages to the body globally. Again, proper nervous system function, which means sending the proper messages to the rest of the body systems, allows the body to respond by healing itself.

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