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Stretch Mark Removal Cream Options - Some Creams Work and Some Creams Don't Work

September 11, 2019


For the uninitiated, rosacea is acne by another name. Whilst acne South Beach Skin Lab conjures up images of pimples and unsightly pus filled spots, rosacea is characterised by persistent redness, inflammation and lesions. The lesions differ from other acne spots in as much as they do not come to a head. So rosacea is the term given to a specific type of acne within the condition.The area affected by rosacea is known as the T zone, consisting of the cheeks, nose and forehead. So you can imagine that living with this condition can be very debilitating and can have a deep psychological impact when the symptoms are so visible. It would also make sense that to combat rosacea is of high priority in any way, shape or form in order to get rid of the unsightly external symptoms.The causes of rosacea as a condition are complex but, the redness, swelling, dryness and accompanying itching as external symptoms are most certainly the bodys way of indicating that all is not well inside and that there is some form of internal imbalance that manifests itself in these external symptoms that needs addressing.

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